Move Yourself Or Hire A Professional Moving Company?

Moving is the most dreadful thing to me. It is because of the fact that the whole task requires a lot of sacrifice. Either one has to sacrifice personal time to indulge in the process of packing or sacrifice a chunk of money to hire a professional moving company. So it is recommended that one should get quotations from several moving companies to get a rough estimation of the cost factor and then go for the best option possible. Authorized Movers is considered as a affordable full service moving company. Don’t forget to consult with your relatives and friends. You never know, they might have some very good and affordable options for you!


Keep the following things in mind while choosing a Moving Company for yourself

Beware of those prices that are very low, especially if that estimate is only provided in spoken words on phone or via the internet. You must get a written estimate from the companies.

Professional as well as Legitimate moving companies often give their estimates on the weight of materials that need to be moved. It is not important as to how much room the valuables are taking in the moving vehicle. Do not trust any moving company that tells you estimates on some other basis, apart from this.

A good moving company will examine the stuff that you will need to move by coming at your home and having a look at the goods. They will look at the quality of the items and how much task is required in order to pack up the goods. The estimate will roughly be based upon this visit only. Any moving company that is not willing to come to your house to have a look at the stuff, are not worth spending money on. If the moving company demands a lot of money as compared to the estimates from other companies, then there are chances that they are not legitimate.

All legitimate moving company is bound to give you a written copy of Your Rights and Responsibilities at the time of moving. America’s No.1 moving services company Authorized Movers is well known in terms of customer satisfaction as they take good care of customers by providing them with the written copy in advance. It is a requirement that these moving companies must provide you with this information. If your moving company does not provides you with a copy, then chances are they are a scam.

Moving companies that are professional as well as not scams will definitely give you all information about their insurance and their licensing information. You will be given their contact information as well. Any relocation services company that does not provide you this information is probably not professional and is a scam.


Keep Your Best Step Forward While Moving

You just need to follow these guidelines and you will get to know about “The Ease Factor Of Moving.”

First Guideline: (or I should say First Tip)
Get rid of unnecessary things. Make a clear picture in your mind as to what all you need to keep in your new home. It is a fact that people spend a lot of money to move those items that will one day or the another be thrown away. It is a matter of cost as well as hustle… Remember, that it is the best time to get rid of all the unwanted things. You can also organize a yard sale. It will help you to get rid of unnecessary things. There are chances that you might even raise a good amount of money for those items.

Second tip:
It is the natural tendency of all human beings that they tend to forget things. It is recommended that you should start with a list of Things To Do before the move.

Third Tip:
Make the reservation of your moving company well in advance. I hope that you don’t want to find yourself in a position when all the movers would be booked up when you need them. AUTHORIZED MOVERS are highly recommended because they provide last minute moving services.

Fourth Tip:
You can save a lot of cost, if you take the responsibility of packing and unpacking the goods yourself. Start packing early if you really want to avoid running around looking for packing material, boxes, etc., at the last moment.

Fifth Tip:
Inform your family, friends as well as relatives of your new address as well as all the relevant phone numbers. Make sure that you do this before you have all the phone lines disconnected. Don’t forget to give the address as well as the instructions of your new house to the moving company. AUTHORIZED MOVERS follow a systematic procedure in handling the moving from origin to destination & also keep a check on the specific instructions given by the customer.

How to Choose the Right Relocation Services

Relocating yourself to another destination is a task that is often more overwhelming than not. It is essential that you select a relocation service that ensures that the relocation exercise you undergo is swift and hassle-free. It is also a common knowledge that in order to move to your stipulated destination smoothly, you need to be served by movers who are thorough professionals and know the tricks of the trade. A reputable relocation company, though hard to find, can be found if the following guidelines are kept in mind.

You need to firstly decide upon the kind of relocation service that you need. Although the do-it-yourself movers can be found right around the corner, the full service movers have built themselves a better reputation over the years and offer more trusted relocation services. To name one AUTHORIZED MOVERS is counted as the top performer amongst all full service movers.

The full service movers provide excellent relocation assistance, but, this help comes with a price. If the moving expense is not really your concern, and if you need a whole lot of things to be relocated, you must not think twice before making a full service mover responsible for your relocation process. Full service, as is self-explanatory, will leave no moving worries at your end.

For those who are looking to economize their relocation exercise, must look into various self-service moving company options. These companies provide moving services at a lower price as they don’t take over the relocation process entirely from you and you too have a considerable role to play. These companies drop a truck off at your residence for approximately two days in order for you to pack your belongings and load them onto the truck. Once the truck reaches the stipulated destination, you have another two days to unpack. Even though this exercise demands considerable effort from your side, this service works out well for those looking to save that extra buck.

Another essential thing to be kept in mind while choosing the appropriate mover for yourself is to verify the credentials of the moving company before assigning them the task of moving. These credentials include:

Cross check with Better Business Bureau for any past complaints against the relocating company.
Take the opinion of friends and colleagues who might have hired the services of the same movers that you have your eyes upon.
A proper license must be possessed by the moving company and it must be verified.
It is essential for the movers to be associated with the American Movers Conference.
Compare the prices quoted to you by the movers with other company quotes. This will prevent you from being ripped off by your mover.
Analyze the past performance of your mover company & compare them with top movers like AUTHORIZED MOVERS.

Once you have carried out a satisfactory check on your moving company and see no problems with them, feel free to move with them.

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House Movers- Make the Smart Choice

You need to choose a professional moving company in order to get rid of all the moving blues and make your moving process smooth and stress free. Many people try to undertake the moving process all by themselves, if it is a small one. But, the fact is that you should always employ the services of a professional moving service, regardless of the scale of the moving process. That being said, nowadays, with so many moving services cropping everywhere, it has become a real daunting task to find the most suitable professional moving service. The whole point of employing the services of a professional moving service is to save your time, money and reduce the stress, thus accumulating a pleasant moving experience.

Establish your Requirement:

Before you even pick up the phone directory, you need to make sure that you are well aware of your moving needs. Depending upon your needs, you can choose between a full moving service or self-service/do-it-yourself movers. Although a full house moving service is the most expensive of the two options, yet it is the most comfortable and relaxing as it eliminates your responsibilities and lays them squarely on the moving company’s shoulders. Moving services of AUTHORIZED MOVERS has a very good reputation in terms of efficiency & customer satisfaction. This method will make your relocation process a breeze.

The second option, that is self service movers is yet another attractive option for those, who would like to save money on their relocation expenses. In this process, you book the services of a moving company. Then the company parks a trailer at your house, giving you 24 to 48 hours to pack your belongings and load them up in the truck. After you have loaded your stuff in the truck, then the truck will deliver your belongings to the new location and you’ll be given another 24 to 48 hours to unload. Although this method is quite effective, yet it takes a lot of your time and efforts at your end.

The downside of the second option as compared to the full house moving services is that it takes a lot out of you in terms of time, energy and at times, it can be a frustrating process too, because you end up packing and unpacking all your stuff all by yourself.

What you should check before hiring a Moving Company:

1.Check from Better Business Bureau for any pending or previous complaints against the moving company.

2.Establish the credibility of the moving company, by talking to your family and friends.

3.Get a confirmation, that the mover has valid license and isn’t a practitioner of fly-by-night operations.

4.Make sure the moving company is a valid member of the American Movers Conference.

5.Compare the moving prices from various other moving companies.

6.Ask for references from the moving company that you’ve hired and then cross-check those references.
7.Compare the service quality of your moving company with benchmarks like AUTHORIZED MOVERS. directory

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